Concepts in Physics

Subjective papers are those that are written without the use of verified facts or independent research. Instead, they are based primarily on your thoughts, opinions and ideas, and interpretation of the topic from your unique perspective. These standards make it a more difficult assignment than an objective paper. There are a number of techniques that can help you complete the task.

Understanding the Assignment:


Subjective essays are based on the writer's unique vision, so there is no need to use specific sources to support your viewpoint on the subject. The objective is to state your point of view in a clear and authoritative manner. The questions in a subjective paper are designed to test reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking and general awareness of the candidate. 


Choosing the right way of answering a question:

A question can be asked for either 2 / 3 / 5 marks  and hence decision needs to be made while answering a subjective question. Initially one needs to look at the concepts that will be used in answering a question. 


If a question is a one mark question, the question should be only answer to a point and not to write the history of the problem. For a two mark question, the answer should be comprising atleast two points, such that one represents the question while the other provides solution for the question. A five mark question on the other hand will require additional details to be answered, such as the parameters of a formula, its conditions of usage, illustration with an example, definition of the concept  involved and the limitations/ advantages/ uses of the concept. Thus, an answer can be written based on the nature of the question. 


Descriptive questions are also known as essay-type questions. If any of the above mentioned points are not mentioned in the answer for a descriptive question, marks will not be awarded appropriately. 


In the web portal that has been designed, descriptive questions for 9th and 10th standard based on CBSE pattern had been added and solutions in terms of steps and the way how it needs to be answered is also been provided. One can login to the web portal and go to courses--Descriptive question and then select the class in which they would like to answer. Though no interface is designed to verify a student's answer, only questions are presented. Currently questions on Physics and Biology has been added to the portal. Login for more detail in this link