Competitive Examinations:

A competitive exam is an examination where candidates are ranked according to their grades. These exams aim at identifying students who have acquired knowledge of subjects by understanding concepts, visualising situations and applying theory to solve problems. To excel in a competitive examination one has to understand the difference between conventional and  competitive examinations. 

Conventional exams are restricted to a syllabus, few of the questions are repetitive which makes one to guess and sufficient time is provided to complete the paper, and are essay type, so that its only a test of memory. Competitive exams on the other hand, mostly are Multiple choice questions, and syllabus is bit diverse. Limited timings are provided, wherein shortcut rules (elimination proceedures, approximations, etc) need to be employed for certain calculations. very rarely the questions get repeated. Competitive exams test memory, understanding and comprehension ,and they are framed to test your speed and accuracy at problem-solving.  So, time management becomes critical. 

To achieve success in a competitve exam, you need:

  1. To have sufficient knowledge of your capabilities to be able to improve. 
  2. To know where to find the best practices and adapt these practices in a limited amount of time when you face the exam.
  3. To adopt strategies [shortcuts and approximations]



This quizzes in this web-portal are uniquely designed, which helps you in achieving all these goals. Concept-wise, a set of 25 questions are made available in the form of a MCQ and is time limited. I have set a time limit of 1 minute per question, which will enable a student to attempt his competitive exam in the same pace. The quality of questions in these quizzes are categorizedin to two levels namely Level-0 [ Non-calculus based] and Level-1 [Calculus based]. Towards understanding the method of solving these problems, I have also added clues for the right answer, once the problem has been attempted.


Level-0 problems: This set of problems can be solved by students preparing for NSEP / NSEJS / NTSE/ CET/ KVPY / JEE mains. 
Level-1 problems: This set of problems can be solved by students preparing for CET/ KVPY / JEE mains. 

Currently, this portal supports only Level-0 problems and shortly by February-2016, the Level-1 problems will also get updated and is in the process of preparation.


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