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Split a problem before you start solving: 

This website has tutorials and numericals in  physics for students studying in High school and college (11th and 12th standard) targeted towards attempting numericals in competitive exams. Apart from it, resource material by means of flow charts, lesson plans, syllabus, model papers for various state run exams, mind maps, experimental parameters for various experiments conducted in lab, etc are also included as an aid to teachers.

Problem solving in any subject is not an easy task for students. Though concepts are taught in the classroom, most of the students find it difficult to solve. Three types of failures in problem solving can be identified commonly in students: 

    1. A starting problem (I was not able to figure out how to begin)

    2. Knew the formula, but was unable to apply, since logic was not understood

    3. I had got the complete solution, but I was not able to interpret. 

Thus, to address these kinds of problem, I felt, that there should be a logical and a systematic way of first understanding the problem correctly and then start to solve. This website is a result of these kind of problems and tries to address it by splitting a given complex problem in to smaller parts, so that each part could be answered.

This website ( was initiated in the year 2015 and has an userbase of nearly 10,000 users all over the world. Initially, the website catered only to students who were attempting exams like NTSE, olympiads and several coaching institute entrance exams. This website has now been upgraded to cater for other competitive exams like JEE (mains), KCET,  COMEDK, NEET and NSEP, and has nearly 2700 questions. To add other functionalities such as tutorials, shortcuts required etc, this website is now available for students at at a reasonable cost. Students are requested to avail this service and make fruitful use of it